Nam Ji-hyun in «Little Women». Nam Ji-hyun takes on a role different from what we are accustomed to. Known for her portrayal of gentle and sweet characters, she now steps into the shoes of a reporter in the dramatic series titled «Little Women.»

This American-origin series revolves around three sisters, each possessing unique characteristics and talents. Despite their humble origins, they find themselves entangled with one of the country’s most powerful families.

The narrative unfolds as the three sisters come together to investigate a bribery case involving mysterious deaths. The audience’s interest has been piqued even before the show’s premiere, thanks to the carefully selected characters and the actresses who bring them to life.

Nam Ji-hyun in "Little Women"

The series has already started airing, with the first four episodes making a significant impact on the audience. Nam Ji-hyun, who embarked on her acting journey as a child in 2009, continues to captivate viewers with her versatile performances.

For those eagerly anticipating the show in Latin America, mark your calendars for the premiere on October 8, exclusively on Netflix. Make sure to add it to your watchlist to avoid missing out.

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