The new drama titled «Cheer Up» or «Dare to Do It!», as it will be known in Spanish, is set to arrive in Seoul next Tuesday. At the press conference held on Tuesday, September 27, the lead actors who will be part of this exciting project were introduced.

Among them are Kim Hyun-jin, Jang Gyu-ri, Han Ji-hyun, and Bae In-hyuk, who shared intriguing details about their roles and experiences in the production.

«Cheer Up» tells the story of a group of university students who come together to form a cheerleading team. As they delve into their activities, they uncover intriguing mysteries within the team and experience unexpected romances among themselves.

The plot promises to keep the audience on the edge of their seats, offering a unique blend of mystery, excitement, and romance.

The series is scheduled to premiere at 10 p.m. in Korea, adding even more anticipation and excitement among drama enthusiasts. The anticipation grows as we look forward to the possibility of enjoying this captivating story on various video platforms.

The new drama "Cheer Up" or "Come on, Dare to Do It

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The new drama «Cheer Up» or «Come on, Dare to Do It

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