Chicken Nugget» by Netflix review brings together the dynamic duo of actor Ahn Jae-hong and director Lee Byeong-heon once again, marking their collaboration following their previous work on the 2018 drama «Be Melodramatic.»

In this upcoming Netflix series, the plot unfolds around a rather unique and whimsical premise. The story revolves around a father’s quest to locate his daughter after she undergoes a peculiar transformation into a chicken nugget.

The narrative takes an unexpected turn with the added twist of a man who happens to be in love with the nugget-transformed daughter, injecting a delightful blend of humor and romance into the storyline.

chemistry between Ahn Jae-hong and director Lee Byeong-heon is not new, as their past collaboration on «Be Melodramatic» showcased their ability to navigate comedic roles with finesse.

This comedic synergy is expected to shine through once again in «Chicken Nugget,» promising audiences a lighthearted and entertaining viewing experience.

The incorporation of a webtoon as the source material for the series adds an extra layer of intrigue, as it implies a visual richness and narrative depth that fans of the original work can anticipate.

As the series unfolds on the Netflix platform, fans are eagerly anticipating the unfolding of this peculiar and humorous tale.

Chicken Nugget" by Netflix review

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