The Emotional Journey of Song Joong-ki in a Revealing Interview. The actor Song Joong-ki has sparked controversy by discussing his role in the Netflix movie «My Name is Loh Kiwan». In this film, Joong-ki portrays a North Korean defector in Belgium, exploring the theme of guilt throughout his tumultuous journey.

Loh Ki-wan, the character portrayed by Song Joong-ki, is a North Korean defector seeking refuge in Belgium. With limited resources from selling his deceased mother’s body, he struggles to survive in a foreign country.

The movie introduces Marie, played by Choi Sung-eun, a Belgian of Korean descent, who was once a skilled marksman and faces her own personal challenges before meeting Loh and falling in love with him.

The Emotional Journey of Song Joong-ki in a Revealing Interview

In a recent interview, Song Joong-ki expressed his initial doubts about the character’s emotions, questioning how someone in Loh’s situation could consider love as an option. However, after five years and revisiting the script, Joong-ki acknowledged that his perspective had evolved.

He came to understand that trust in others, which he believes embodies the essence of love, empowers people to endure. This understanding led him to embrace the romance in the movie.

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Joong-ki also discussed his desire to delve into the role of someone burdened by guilt. He explained that in the latter part of the film, his character questions his worthiness and right to happiness, a question he deliberately requested the director to include in the script.

His aim was to portray someone who constantly questions their worth and grapples with doubt in the face of happiness.

Furthermore, Joong-ki expressed his interest in exploring the horror genre in future cinematic projects. Although he has mentioned his desire to tackle horror films in previous interviews, he acknowledges that it’s a challenge for these films to succeed in theaters.

Nevertheless, he remains eager to explore different genres and specific roles in the future. The Emotional Journey of Song Joong-ki in a Revealing Interview

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