Song Joong Ki Shining in a New Role Song Joong Ki leaves behind youth roles to dive into a new, more adult stage with his character in the movie ‘Hopeless’. Although we know the actor for his intense and attractive performances, his recent media attention due to his personal life and his role as a father will allow us to see him explore this facet in «Hopeless», which will be part of this year’s Cannes International Film Festival.

Now, Song Joong Ki enters this new stage with an adult character, someone responsible who plays Chi-geon. This is a person who has been irresponsible and will undergo major transformations throughout the film.

The plot of the film is quite grim, as it introduces us to a criminal network and a dramatic involvement of people in it. Song Joong Ki’s character Yeon-gyoo becomes a father figure to Chi-geon, a teenager who falls under the control of the local gang boss. As the film progresses, this relationship develops with dark intentions, which sets it apart from other films the actor has been in.

Song Joong Ki Shining in a New Role

Song Joong Ki’s character undergoes a remarkable growth, mirroring his own personal life, in which he is in his second marriage to Katy Louise Saunders, an equally famous figure. His personal life has been the subject of media attention due to the notoriety of his ex-wife.

Song Joong Ki Shining

The invitation to this year’s Cannes Film Festival will mark a milestone in her career, where Song has participated in several successful films and dramas. Now, her recognition extends to Europe, where she is generating interest in the film industry.

The relationship between the characters in «Hopeless» promises to be interesting and complex, keeping us on tenterhooks about Song Joong Ki’s character’s true interest in his son. It should be noted that the actor did not receive financial compensation for his participation in the film, he did it for the pleasure of being part of a work like «Hopeless», a story full of hope, despair and darkness for his characters. The film will be released in Korea on October 11, and Song will participate in a session during the Busan Film Festival, which will run for 10 days.

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