Seventeen Achieves a Milestone «HOT» Surpasses 100 Million Views! In a triumphant moment for Seventeen and their dedicated fans, the music video for «HOT» has crossed the impressive threshold of 100 million views.

The agency representing Seventeen proudly confirmed this significant achievement, pinpointing the momentous occasion at exactly 2:34 am on a Saturday.

Remarkably, this milestone comes seven months post the release of the band’s main track, «Face the Sun,» in May, highlighting the enduring popularity and enduring appeal of Seventeen’s music.

Dive into the video, and you’ll be treated to a visual feast featuring a variety of captivating scenes set in different locations. Among these, a personal favorite of mine is the mesmerizing desert backdrop, complete with flawlessly executed choreography and costumes that truly leave viewers breathless.

As we celebrate this phenomenal accomplishment, the fervent hope is that Seventeen’s trajectory of success and popularity continues to ascend to even greater heights.

It’s noteworthy to mention that «HOT» joins the prestigious club of Seventeen’s music videos with over 100 million views, a list that includes hits such as «Very Nice,» «Adore U,» and «Don’t Wanna Cry.»

Seventeen Achieves 100 Million Views Milestone with «HOT»

Seventeen Achieves a Milestone "HOT"

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