Jin Completes Basic Military Training and Sends Warm Greetings. Jin, a cherished member of BTS, recently shared heartfelt words with his fans following the conclusion of his 5-week basic training in the 5th Infantry Division in Yeoncheon.

The announcement, accompanied by a series of selfies and a full-body photo showcasing his uniform, was posted on Weverse, the online fan community service.

In his message, Jin expressed, «I am having fun,» providing reassurance to the millions of fans around the world who have eagerly awaited updates during his military service.

These words not only reflect his well-being but also convey his dedication and enthusiasm as he embraces the responsibilities associated with serving his country.

Jin’s admirable commitment to his duties showcases his values and serves as a testament to the importance of fulfilling one’s obligations with a positive attitude.

As a responsible citizen, he navigates through life with dedication, setting a remarkable example for fans and admirers alike.

Now that he has completed his basic service, Jin is set to assume the role of assistant instructor in the same division, with his service expected to conclude on June 12, 2024.

This marks a significant step in Jin’s military journey, and fans are undoubtedly eager to witness the next chapter in his career after a two-year hiatus dedicated to service.

Jin Completes Basic Military

Jin Completes Basic Military Training and Sends Warm Greetings

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