New Jeans collaborates with Dolphiners Films, an operating film and advertising studio based in Seoul, South Korea. The company is dedicated to producing commercial films that cleverly promote video games and other products through engaging storytelling.

New Jeans has joined forces with Dolphiners Film, partnering with the singer-songwriters The Black Skirts and Oohyo for their upcoming EP.

Their agency has reported that the music videos for two songs from the EP will be produced by Shin Woo-Seok, the CEO of Dolphiners, and Oohyo, who has contributed to the lyrics of a song titled «Ditto.» The release is scheduled for December 19, just ahead of the full EP launch.

This collaboration represents a groundbreaking moment, as it marks the first-time partnership between a musical group like New Jeans and Dolphiners Film for a music video.

New Jeans collaborates with Dolphiners Films

The project promises to deliver a creative and visually stunning production that combines the musical prowess of New Jeans with the cinematic expertise of Dolphiners Film.

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