Suga from BTS will undertake his military service. Suga from BTS will undertake his military service in a unique way. Instead of enlisting as a regular soldier, Suga has received approval to serve as a social service agent, as reported on Tuesday.

This decision comes after Suga proposed his enlistment for the upcoming year, likely following in the footsteps of his fellow member, Jin, who is expected to enlist before him.

Men who have experienced health issues can be exempted from direct military service and fulfill their mandatory duty by serving as agents. Typically, these agents work in community centers and other organizations within cities or provinces.

Following the news, fans speculated that Suga might have chosen to serve as an agent instead of a soldier due to injuries sustained during past performances and subsequent surgeries.

Suga from BTS will undertake his military service

This choice raises interesting questions about the unique experience a renowned singer might face during military service, especially when opting for a role that directly engages with the community. Fans are now curious about how Suga will navigate this service and how this distinctive experience might influence his artistic and personal perspective.

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