“Decision to leave” review. The conclusion of the movie presents a stunning twist: Seo-rae opts to bury herself alive in the damp sand along a rugged coastline as the tide rolls in, leaving her fate to either drowning or suffocating beneath the sand. Although she leaves a message for Hae-jun hinting at her «decision to leave,» her plan is not fully disclosed.

This impactful film, «Decision to Leave,» has earned a nomination for the prestigious Golden Globe Awards.

Hollywood Foreign Press Association announced this nomination last Tuesday, placing it in the competitive category of Best Motion Picture in a non-English language.

The film faces stiff competition from entries of German, Argentine, and Indian origins, all vying for the same coveted award.

“Decision to leave” review

The narrative revolves around a detective who finds himself falling in love with a Chinese widow, both brought together by the investigation into the mysterious death of her husband, who fell from a mountain.

Weaving together elements of drama, investigation, and romance, the movie’s nomination is a testament to the director’s outstanding work.

The film went on to win the award for Best Motion Picture at the Golden Globe Awards, solidifying its place among cinematic excellence.

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