Anticipating the Exciting Second Season of «Hellbound» We are eagerly awaiting the release of the second season of «Hellbound» on Netflix, where it has been announced that actor Yoo Ah-in will be leaving the production, with two new cast members joining the ensemble.

«Hellbound» tells the story of a world where people are visited by beings that condemn them to hell, regardless of their geographical location.

The first season of the series stars Yoo Ah-in, alongside actors Kim Hyun-joo and Park Jeong-min.

Currently, Yoo Ah-in is under investigation for alleged illegal drug consumption after testing positive for cocaine and ketamine, according to a police report.

On February 5th, at Incheon International Airport, he underwent a rapid urine test, which yielded a positive result for marijuana. A national forensic analysis of hair and urine samples has been requested to obtain more detailed results.

Despite this setback, anticipation for the second season of «Hellbound» continues to grow, as the first season left a positive impression on viewers. The upcoming installment will feature the main cast to continue the captivating narrative, despite Yoo’s absence.

We are confident that incredible episodes await, unveiling more about this peculiar world where entities condemn people.

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