Forecasting Love and Weather kdrama by netflix or «Las inclemencias del amor» in English. It is a Korean drama, it has 16 episodes, it is a drama directed by director Cha famous for «Gaksital».

Distribution of Forecasting Love and Weather

  • Park Min-Young como Jin Ha-Kyung
  • Song Kang como Lee Si Woo
  • Yura (Girl’s Day) como Chae Yoo-Jin
  • Yoon Park como Han Ki-Jun

Plot Forecasting Love and Weather

Song Kang as Lee Si Woo is a charismatic young man who is very committed to the weather, the Korean meteorological office where he meets Jin Ha-Kyung (Park Min-Young) a young woman who is the head of the meteorological administration at the KMA and has a team where they forecast the weather together.

In Korea it is very important to be accurate with the prediction as it is not allowed to lie or make a mistake. The accuracy will depend on the experts in the team and how they communicate the predictions.

Here both of them, after ending a relationship, meet and without realizing it, have a relationship, each healing in their own way.

Song Sang Sang is charming and fits the character quite well, his expressions and actions are treated very well without looking weak, on the contrary he looks very intelligent, patient and loving.

Gradually in the plot you realize how each one developed a new personality from the outcome of their past relationships, we learn more about each character, the subplots have very real and endearing stories.

Personally I liked it but it’s not one of my favorites, I think Song Kang has had more interesting projects but it’s entertaining and her acting is pretty good as always.

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