Twice “Ready to Be” review. Get ready for the much-anticipated release as Twice gears up to launch their latest EP, «Ready to Be,» on March 10. This marks the group’s twelfth EP, and while a teasing post on their social media this Thursday sparked curiosity, no further details were disclosed at that time.

This new album follows in the footsteps of their eleventh EP, «Between 1&2,» released seven months ago, featuring the hit track «Talk that Talk.»

Notably, it has been two months since the group’s last English single, «Moonlight Sunrise,» dropped on January 20. The song made an impressive debut on the Billboard Hot 100, securing the 84th position, making it the second song from the group to make it to the prestigious music service charts.

Currently, Twice boasts a substantial following on Spotify, amassing a staggering 12,024,492 listeners. Among their top-played tracks on the platform, «Moonlight Sunrise» stands out with an impressive 25,835,172 streams, followed by hits like «Talk that Talk,» «The Feels,» «Fancy,» and «What is Love.»

Twice Unveils New EP «Ready to Be» in March

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