Spotify celebrates K-pop. Thursday marked the second anniversary of Spotify’s streaming service in Korea, unveiling a fascinating insight into the worldwide impact of K-pop.

The platform disclosed that the leading countries with the highest K-pop listenership include Indonesia, the United States, Japan, the Philippines, Malaysia, Mexico, Brazil, Thailand, and Taiwan.

Revealing a staggering 4.5 million global followers of K-pop, Spotify demonstrated its significant role in propelling the genre to new heights. With over 700 million plays recorded last year, representing a remarkable 65% increase from the previous year, K-pop continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

Since its launch in Korea, Spotify has actively collaborated with K-pop artists, providing a platform for emerging talents and implementing both online and offline marketing promotions.

The service’s commitment to fostering a diverse K-pop community has contributed to its success.

Spotify, initially launched globally in 2008, has solidified its reputation as the world’s largest music streaming service.

Its foray into the Korean market on February 2, 2021, marked a pivotal moment in K-pop’s global outreach.

A quick search for «K-pop» on the platform unveils a curated selection of the finest albums, artists, and groups within the genre. This comprehensive approach has undoubtedly broadened the perspective of K-pop enthusiasts across the globe.

As Spotify continues to be a driving force behind the global expansion of K-pop, the platform invites users to explore an expansive array of K-pop content.

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Spotify celebrates K-pop.

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