The Impact of BTS Separation on the Advertising Industry. In the realm of advertising, the presence of K-pop groups like BTS has been a remarkable phenomenon. However, since their temporary separation due to military service, the dynamics of how brands engage with them have undergone a significant transformation.

Previously, BTS participated in advertising campaigns for renowned brands, solidifying their image as ambassadors of popular culture. However, following their temporary separation, each member has had to embark on individual projects, which, while not pleasing to many fans, also posed challenges for the brands backing them.


One of the brands most affected by this separation has been Hyundai, the automobile manufacturer, which had an exclusive advertising agreement with the group in 2020. The signing of the contract in Seoul to promote a unique launch, a Hyundai hybrid unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, did not achieve the same levels of success until BTS’s involvement as ambassadors, generating the highest sales until 2016. However, the group’s separation led Hyundai to cease production of the once exciting hybrid model.

The Impact of BTS Separation on the Advertising Industry

Louis Vuitton

On the other hand, brands like Louis Vuitton and Bottega Veneta have maintained their association with individual BTS members, such as J-Hope and RM, respectively, demonstrating that the group’s separation has not necessarily affected the image of its members in the fashion industry.

Additionally, the collaboration with LG Electronics Inc. to promote their G7 ThinQ smartphone and OLED televisions has proven successful. The G7 ThinQ smartphone featured exclusive functions such as alarms and emojis created by the singers, along with an archive of unseen BTS images, reflecting an innovative marketing strategy.

Advertising Industry

In summary, BTS’s separation has triggered significant changes in how brands approach their advertising strategy. While some brands have successfully adapted to this new dynamic, others have had to rethink their strategies in the absence of the group as a whole. However, it is clear that BTS’s impact and influence on advertising will remain relevant, whether as a group or as individuals.

The Impact of BTS Separation on the Advertising Industry

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