Stray Kids Unveils Japanese EP and Dominates Oricon Album Chart. Stray Kids has taken the Japanese music scene by storm with the release of their latest EP in Japanese, securing the top spot on the prestigious Oricon Album Chart. This achievement comes after the successful launch of their first full-length Japanese EP titled «The Sound.»

The album boasts a collection of 10 captivating tracks, with the eponymous title track serving as the main highlight. Notably, the production subunit of the band, 3RACHA, comprised of Stray Kids members Bang Chan, Changbin, and Han, showcases their artistic prowess throughout the EP.

As part of their ongoing «Maniac World Tour,» Stray Kids continues to captivate audiences worldwide. Their upcoming performances in Japan, especially in a fully-packed arena, mark a significant milestone for the group. The fact that they have sold out tickets for both scheduled dates at the Kyocera Dome in Osaka is a testament to their growing popularity.

While the anticipation builds for the group’s global tour, there is a hopeful desire among fans in Latin America, who eagerly await the possibility of more K-pop groups, following in the footsteps of acclaimed acts like BTS and Blackpink, to consider touring their countries. With heartfelt enthusiasm, fans in Mexico express their eagerness to welcome such talented groups.

Amidst these exciting developments, there’s a collective hope that event organizers in various countries, including Latin America, prioritize reasonable ticket prices to make these extraordinary musical experiences accessible to a broader audience.

Stray Kids Unveils Japanese EP and Dominates Oricon Album Chart

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