HyunA Expresses Concern for New Jeans Girls. HyunA, a seasoned artist with a solid career, has recently shared her worries about the members of New Jeans, a group that has recently made their debut. Drawing from her own experiences, HyunA understands the challenges and sacrifices that young singers often face in the competitive music industry.

Reflecting on her youth and early debut at a very young age, HyunA recalls that her primary concern back then was relentless practice, as she navigated the uncertainties of the industry. She empathizes with the New Jeans girls, seeing reflections of her past self in their journey.

Considered an admirer of the new girl group, HyunA wonders about their well-being, questioning if they are eating properly and getting enough sleep. Her worries stem from the firsthand knowledge of how demanding and all-encompassing the commitments to a group can be.

In a supportive message, HyunA encourages the New Jeans members to occasionally indulge in personal pleasures and prioritize their health every day. She understands the importance of striking a balance between dedication to the group and taking care of oneself.

Having debuted at the age of 14 on February 10, 2007, with the group Wonder Girls, and later re-debuting with 4Minute in June 2009, HyunA has accumulated valuable insights into the industry. Since 2016, she has continued to thrive as a solo artist.

HyunA’s genuine concern for the well-being of the New Jeans members showcases the camaraderie and understanding that exists within the music community. Her words serve as both encouragement and a reminder to cherish one’s health amidst the demands of a burgeoning career.

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