SoonJung Cica Calming Ampoule Essence 50ml is a transformative skincare elixir that turns your daily routine into a soothing and hydrating ritual. With an outstanding vegan formula, this ampoule essence becomes an essential ally for those with sensitive skin seeking intensive hydration and gentle calming.

Enriched with Panthensoside, a unique combination of Panthenol and Madecassoside, this essence not only strengthens the skin barrier but also soothes dry and irritated skin, providing effective defense against external stimuli. The specific benefits of these ingredients are remarkable, delivering the care your skin deserves.

Panthensoside Contained to Calm Skin

The presence of Advanced Cica, with extracts of Asian centella flower, leaf, and stem, green tea extract, allantoin, and beta-glucan, ensures intensive calming care. This powerful blend of natural ingredients works synergistically to relieve the skin, leaving it soft and comforted.

The formula, with a balanced pH, contributes to maintaining healthier and more hydrated skin. Moreover, the 94.8% dual hyaluronic acid ensures comprehensive hydration, penetrating both the surface and inner layers of the skin. Its quickly absorbing texture leaves the skin feeling fresh and nourished.

One of the standout features of this essence is its commitment to purity. Free from 10 unwanted additives, such as animal-derived ingredients, mineral oil, parabens, and synthetic fragrances, this formula respects the integrity of your skin.

SoonJung Cica Calming Ampoule Essence

In summary, the SoonJung Cica Calming Ampoule Essence is more than a skincare product; it’s a ritual that nourishes, soothes, and protects. Experience the transformation of your skin with this essence that redefines beauty from the deepest care.

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