“See You in My 19th Life” review Drama is the upcoming drama adaptation based on the webtoon of the same name. The talented actors Shin Hae-sun and Ahn Bo-hyun take on the lead roles in this captivating drama, scheduled to air until next year.

The narrative delves into the romantic relationship between a woman gifted with the ability to recall her past lives and a young man determined to uncover the details of his 18th life. The storyline draws inspiration from the webtoon created by Lee Na-jeong.

"See You in My 19th Life" Drama

What truly enamored me about this series is the profound exploration of the protagonist’s memories of her past lives. The captivating plot and the heartfelt performances of the actors left a lasting impact on me. Additionally, the drama boasts an outstanding soundtrack featuring soul-stirring compositions that are destined to linger in my mind for a long time. Notable tracks include «Silence» by Sunwoo Jung-a, «Star» and its organic version by Colde, «DOWN (Juicy Juicy)» by Jo Yu-ri, «I’ll Embrace Your Past» by Ahn Bo-hyun, «Secret» by YELO, «Here with Me» by Doyoung, and «Remember» by Jin Ah Kim.

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