School violence in Korean dramas. Recently we have seen in several Korean dramas or series, as they represent school violence, something that has concerned viewers being a greater number of people who consider school violence too graphic.

The latest series or dramas in which we have seen this type of violence are «The Glory» «Juvenile Justice» «Weak Hero Class», «Love Alarm» and We Are Dead where we saw more or less school violence that was present in some or all of the series.

For foreign viewers who have left reviews have shown their shock for such stories or scenes.

The issue of school violence is a global issue, which always leaves emotional problems, anxiety and fear in people. A clear example is the series «The Glory» that premiered on December 30, 2022.

It is one of the most successful on the Netflix platform where it occupied the first place in the national ranking and in several countries it occupied the same position.

The second season has not yet been released but it has already been announced for May , the protagonist Song Hye-kyo has captivated viewers with her look and the story full of revenge against those who violated her.

Foreign audiences are expressing shock and discomfort at the severity of the violence in the scenes. This of course should not influence how we see Korean schools, where it seems that young Koreans are so violent.

To think that this violence is really happening in Korean schools makes one’s skin crawl at the thought of a young person going through such a situation.

Experts say that this kind of theme attracts viewers because it reflects the evils that have been ingrained for years in Korean society, which always seeks a status of perfection and competitiveness.

School Violence in Korean dramas.

In the case of «The Glory» the social problems such as class inequality, corruption of power and police is extremely disturbing. Even so, most of the criticisms are not entirely critical, there are also favorable ones since, as we mentioned before, it is a world theme where we can learn about another type of culture.

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Although the platforms place the rating on this type of content as R, experts say that the issue of school violence should be taken with caution to avoid that adolescents or children are subjected to objects of violence.

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