Pepsi Unveils Exciting K-Pop Collaboration: Oh My Girl, IVE, and Cravity Take Center Stage. In a groundbreaking move, Pepsi launches a captivating campaign featuring K-Pop sensations Oh My Girl, IVE, and Cravity.

The talented girls and boys from these bands join forces to create an electrifying anthem for Pepsi’s upcoming campaign set to release next week.

The highly anticipated song, titled «Blue & Black,» is slated for release on June 28, promising a harmonious blend of diverse musical talents. This innovative campaign introduces these successful K-Pop artists with fresh tunes and unique concepts, hinting at the inclusion of more artists in forthcoming campaigns.

The upcoming track will showcase the stellar vocals of Hyojung and Arin from Oh My Girl, Wonyoung and Leeseo from IVE, and Saerim and Jungmo from Cravity.

Oh My Girl, making their debut in 2015 with the hit «Cupid,» initially comprised eight members but later continued as a septet. IVE, breaking into the scene in 2021 with the chart-topping single «Eleven,» witnessed tremendous success with sales soaring to 152,229 copies in just the first week.

Pepsi Unveils Exciting K-Pop Collaboration

Cravity, stepping onto the stage in 2020 with their EP «Season 1,» has continued to captivate audiences with their unique sound and style.

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Pepsi Unveils Exciting K-Pop Collaboration

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