New Jeans» emerges as ADOR takes its final bow. In the K-pop industry, name change strategies emerge as tactics employed by record labels to revitalize a group’s image, signal a new musical direction, or manage situations related to controversies or modifications in the group’s composition. Such changes can serve various purposes, including:

Image or Concept Transformation:

When a group decides to reinvent its musical style or image, the option to change its name becomes a tool that accompanies this transition, symbolizing a fresh start.

Exploration of New Musical Direction:

When a group decides to experiment with a different musical genre or adopt a unique creative approach, the name modification becomes a means to more accurately reflect these changes and innovations.

Handling Controversies or Group Composition Changes:

In situations where a group has faced controversies or alterations in the lineup, changing the name can be a strategy to distance itself from past events and initiate a new phase.

Rebranding for Sustaining Relevance:

Some companies opt for rebranding their artists as a tactic to maintain relevance in the entertainment industry and attract new audiences.

Recently, it was announced that the girl group ADOR has decided to adopt the name «New Jeans.» The unveiling of the new name was accompanied by the release of the music video for «Attention,» the lead single from their upcoming debut album. The video showcases the five members of New Jeans exploring the streets of Spain.

The choice of the name, according to Min, one of the members, draws from the metaphor of everyday clothing, something we wear and never tire of. They hope that this new name will establish them as icons. The album is set to be released on August 1, with the official distribution scheduled for August 8.

New Jeans has also taken an innovative approach by releasing a full music video without prior teasers, something unprecedented in the industry. In addition to «Attention,» the group plans to release three additional songs, each with its own music video.

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