Blackpink Illuminates PUBG. Blackpink is gearing up to make a splash once again in the thrilling realm of the PUBG video game, enhancing the gaming experience with an epic virtual concert featuring their very own avatars.

PUBG Mobile, renowned for its intense Battle Royale action on mobile devices, is set to deliver an unprecedented virtual concert at the end of this month, headlined by the iconic K-pop group, Blackpink.

PUBG joins the trend of virtual events, following in the footsteps of popular games like Fortnite, which previously hosted concerts with artists such as Travis Scott and Ariana Grande.

The show is scheduled to unfold in two exciting installments: from July 23 to 24 and, once again, from July 30 to 31, with geographically restricted access.

Entry to the event will be free for players who download a special in-game asset pack starting from July 15, ensuring an immersive concert experience.

Beyond the music, the PUBG x Blackpink experience offers players the chance to acquire exclusive virtual products such as clothing, parachutes, mystery boxes, and a wide variety of additional items, allowing fans to dive even deeper into the gaming universe.

Rumors suggest that each member of Blackpink will have their distinctive avatar, adding a personalized touch to the show. Additionally, players can dress their avatars in band-inspired outfits from July 23 to August 31, bringing Blackpink’s passion to the virtual battlefield.

This exciting concert strategically coincides with the upcoming release of the band’s album in August, promising an unforgettable fusion of digital entertainment and musical anticipation.

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