learn hangul easy. Learn Hangul, the Korean writing system, was developed in the 15th century by King Sejong the Great with his scholars.

This alphabet is known as one of the most scientific and efficient in the world, it is designed to be easy to learn and easy to use.

learn hangul easy

How hard is it to learn Hangul?

It consists of 14 consonants, divided into basic consonants and double consonants (double consonants are a combination of basic consonants).

Vowels: 10 vowels and are divided into simple and compound.

Syllables: they are formed by an initial consonant, a vowel and a final consonant.

All this makes the writing of Korean words very systematic and easy to understand.

How easy is it to learn Hangul?

At first it seems complicated but it is quick to learn.

learn hangul easy

Basic Consonants

ㄱ (g/k) ㄴ (n) ㄷ (d/t) ㄹ (r/l)

ㅁ (m) ㅂ (b/p) ㅅ (s) ㅇ (ng, vowel if it is at the beginning of a syllable)

ㅈ (j) ㅊ (ch) ㅋ (k) ㅌ (t)

ㅎ (h)

Double consonants

ㄲ (gg/kk) ㄸ (dd/tt) ㅃ (bb/pp) ㅆ (ss)

ㅉ (jj)

Basic vowels

ㅏ (a) ㅓ (eo) ㅗ (o) ㅜ (u)

ㅡ (eu)

Compound vowels

ㅑ (ya) ㅕ (yeo) ㅛ (yo) ㅠ (yu)

ㅣ (i)

Special vowel

ㅐ (ae) ㅔ (e)

Double vowels

ㅒ (yae) ㅖ (ye)

In the following publication you will find the pronunciation, its uses and applications in written form.

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