Korean facial oil review, learn about the benefits of the most famous cleansers, how to use and how the korean men’s skin care products work.

The cleansing oil used by Koreans is a non-comedogenic oil-based gel that cleanses the skin with an oily formula. The formula of the facial oil cleanser is ideal for removing makeup, dirt and even oil from the skin.

In Korea, double facial cleansing is famous, which consists of using a facial method in which two products, one oil-based such as butter or milk, together with a soap and water-based product, remove impurities from the face.

COSRX cleansing gel is a moisturizer that provides the skin with both moisturizing and cleansing at the same time.

Its ethylhexylglycerin, an oily formula helps skin remove makeup while moisturizing.

contiene entre sus ingredientes bastantes extractos de plantas y su formulación es tan especifica que no daña el ph del rostro.

Ingredientes COSRX Low pH Good Morning Cleanser

Agua, cocamidopropil betaína, isetionato de metilo de lauroil sódico, cloruro de sodio, polisorbato 20, extracto de rama/fruta/hoja de Styrax Japonicus, butilenglicol, fermento de Saccharomyces, extracto de hoja de Cryptomeria Japonica, extracto de hoja de Nelumbo Nucifera, extracto de hoja de Pinus Palustris, Ulmus Davidiana Extracto de raíz, extracto de flor de Oenothera biennis (onagra), extracto de raíz de Pueraria Lobata, aceite de hoja de melaleuca alternifolia (árbol de té), alantoína, caprililglicol, etilhexilglicerina, salicilato de betaína, ácido cítrico, etilhexanodiol, 1,2-hexanodiol, etilendiamina trisódica Disuccinato, benzoato de sodio, EDTA disódico

Does Cosrx low pH cleanser contain salicylic acid?

 It contains among its ingredients this very good acid to remove impurities from the skin in a delicate way but at the same time leaves the skin super soft and without irritation.

products for double facial cleansing

1.-Tony Lab-Gentle cleansing anti-acne cleansing bubble.

It is a cleanser that forms cleansing bubbles and also controls acne.

It maintains facial hydration and removes all excess sebum leaving the skin soft and clean.

Clean Dew- Grapefruit Cleansing Foam.

A facial cleansing foam that leaves the skin feeling clean and fresh from the first use.

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These are three of the Korean products that contain double cleansing, oil-based products.

How to use each one is to apply to damp skin and gently massage with your fingers for a few seconds and then remove with water. do not use hot water.

korean facial oil

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Korean facial oil review

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