Attention, ARMY and BLINKS! We have exciting news for you! Two of our favorite artists, Jimin from BTS and Lisa from Blackpink, are about to open pop-up stores that you won’t want to miss. 🌸

Pop-up stores are an exciting and effective strategy used by K-pop agencies to promote their artists.

These stores not only create a sense of urgency and exclusivity but also offer a unique and immersive experience that strengthens the connection between artists and their fans.

Why do K-pop agencies open pop-up stores?

Generate Excitement and Exclusivity: Being available for a limited time only, these stores create a sense of urgency that motivates fans to visit and purchase exclusive products.

Immersive Experience: Designed to offer a unique experience, these stores may include thematic decorations, exhibits of personal items from the artists, and more, creating a special and memorable atmosphere.

Sale of Exclusive Merchandising: Pop-up stores often sell products not available elsewhere, such as limited edition merchandise and special collaborations, attracting collectors and dedicated fans.

Direct Interaction and Engagement: They allow agencies to interact directly with fans, gather feedback, and gauge the popularity of different products and marketing concepts.

They can also organize special events like autograph signings.

Localized Promotion: These stores reach a broader and more diverse audience, especially in international markets where fans may not have regular access to official products.

Increased Media Visibility: They attract media attention and generate additional publicity through social media, amplifying the visibility of the artist and the event.

Sales Boost: Besides promoting the artists, these stores are a significant source of revenue thanks to the sale of exclusive and limited edition merchandise.

Upcoming Pop-Up Stores of Jimin and Lisa

Jimin from BTS will open a pop-up store for his upcoming album ‘Muse’

The store will be divided into three floors, each following the different concepts of «Muse».

The fictional flower Smeraldo, used in his pre-released song ‘Smeraldo Garden Marching Band’, will be a central element, creating precious memories for Jimin and his fans in this unique place.

‘Smeraldo Garden Marching Band’, released last month, ranked 88th on Billboard’s Hot 100 singles chart, marking Jimin’s fifth solo song to land on Billboard’s main songs chart.

This song will also be part of his upcoming solo album ‘Muse’, which will be released on July 19 at 1 pm KST. Jimin participated in writing the lyrics for six songs on the album and produced two! 🎶

Lisa from Blackpink will open a pop-up store for her single ‘Rockstar’ and plans a ‘surprise visit’

The pop-up store for Lisa’s latest release, «Rockstar,» will be open over the weekend on the second floor of The Hyundai department store in western Seoul from 10:30 am to 8:00 pm. 🛍️

The store will offer special items for Lisa’s «rockstar» image, such as t-shirts, tank tops, caps, keychains, and more. Additionally, there will be raffles, a photo booth, and a «fortune cookie event.»

And best of all, Lisa has announced a surprise visit to the store!

‘Rockstar’ was released on June 28 and reached No. 8 on Spotify’s Global Daily chart, No. 4 on Billboard’s Global 200 singles chart, and No. 1 on the Billboard Global Excl. US chart as of Tuesday. Impressive!

Attention, ARMY and BLINKS!

For more details on the pop-up stores and pre-orders of limited edition albums, visit the official websites of their respective agencies.

Don’t miss these unique experiences and the chance to get exclusive products!

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