J-Hope Unleashes His Magic with ‘Jack in the Box’ Album. J-Hope, a prominent member of BTS, has surprised his fans by revealing the exciting tracklist for his highly anticipated solo album titled ‘Jack in the Box.’ This captivating project features a diverse set of 10 songs, each promising to take listeners on an unforgettable musical journey.

The tracklist includes:

  1. «Intro»
  2. «Pandora’s Box»
  3. «MORE»
  4. «STOP»
  5. «= (Equal Sign)»
  6. «Music Box: Reflection»
  7. «What if…»
  8. «Safety Zone»
  9. «Futuro»
  10. «Incendio provocado»

The two standout lead tracks from the album aim to convey impactful messages directly to the audience. «MORE,» previously released in July, presents itself as a captivating old-school hip-hop track infused with chants and shouts that add a unique dimension to the composition.

On the other hand, «Incendio provocado» explores the idea of confronting the world and expressing the feeling of being trapped. With provocative lyrics and unmatched energy, this track promises to resonate deeply with listeners.

J-Hope Unleashes His Magic with 'Jack in the Box' Album

The album will not only stand out for its exceptional musical quality but will also be accompanied by fascinating artwork on various fronts. Its release will be celebrated with an exciting live-streamed event, allowing fans to delve even deeper into J-Hope’s creativity and unique vision.

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