BTS’s military service. In South Korea, military service is mandatory for men and lasts for approximately two years. This requirement is in place to maintain national security and is rooted in the history and geopolitical situation of the Korean peninsula.

Here are some key points about military service in South Korea:

Mandatory Service: All eligible men must undergo military service. Women are not obligated but can volunteer.

Age and Duration: Typically, men must fulfill their military service between the ages of 18 and 28. The duration of service is around 18 to 21 months, depending on the military branch and certain factors.

Exemptions: Some individuals may be exempt or receive reduced service due to circumstances such as physical or mental disabilities, outstanding achievements in sports, arts, or academia, and special cases of foreign nationality.

Military Branches: Military service can be performed in different branches, such as the army, navy, or air force.

Consequences for Evasion: Evasion of military service without a valid reason can have legal and social consequences, including fines, imprisonment, and restrictions in certain aspects of daily life.

Alternative Programs: Some countries allow alternative programs, such as civil service, as an alternative to military service.

Military service in South Korea is an integral part of culture and society, and most young men fulfill their patriotic duty. This system has been a subject of debate in Korean society, and discussions have taken place regarding possible changes to the system in the future.

BTS's military service

Park Bo-gyun, the Minister of Culture, emphasized the importance of public agreement regarding the military service of the successful group BTS during a press conference last Monday. Military service is considered a sacred duty in Korea, and BTS has contributed to promoting Korean culture worldwide, emphasizing equity between high and popular arts.

In Korea, all healthy men must serve for two years in the military. Jin, the oldest member of the BTS group, was born in 1992 and will enlist later this year.

According to the updated military recruitment law, prominent figures in the fields of arts and sports, such as Olympic medalists and globally recognized classical musicians, are exempt from military duties. However, this law does not include figures from the pop culture sphere.

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