Fetishism in K-pop. Recently it has come to light, thanks to the controversy with the group New jeans who have become the target of criticism.

Criticism related to the way they dress and their lyrics, which for many are sexually suggestive.

This brought back the faces of fetishism that exists in the world of K-Pop and that has manifested itself in various ways in each of its members, some of them young who have become stars.

These stars dress and behave in a childish way, some of them are underage and dress in a provocative and sexual way, with revealing clothes or with suggestive choreographies and lyrics.

One thing the groups share is the idealization and objectification of adolescence in Korean pop culture.

Fetishism in K-pop.

Since the 70s there have been groups with teenage members, the history of physical attractiveness and sexuality that is a fact today results in praise of adolescence in the pop culture of any country.

Sexualization is known as «Lolita» in underage girls and «hota» in men however it is in a subtle form that is deeply rooted in k-pop.

The wearing of school uniforms is a visualization of pure and innocent young teenagers who also have a visual and sexual appeal.

NTC Dream also had a similar problem, when in the beginning they were represented as elementary school children, younger than they really are.

The key to overseas success that has been a proven formula and has resulted in incredible promotion with Western audiences is that of underage, glamorous young stars wearing tight, revealing outfits on stage with mature love songs.

The normalization of minors performing as adults in the k-pop scene is often sexualized and sometimes the insensitive audience does not realize the age inappropriateness of the singer.

K-pop fans worldwide are not only teenagers, but also people between 20 and 40 years old and even older, many of these fans are older and call themselves «aunt fans» OR «uncle fans».

As fans everyone has their true intentions very much hidden and although they are not questioned about it, most older fans firmly believe that they do not see their idols in a sexual way although many people do not believe that this is a problem when the underage star is actually being sexualized.

One of the concerns among doctors and specialists in the field is that the problem in k-pop eroticizes teenagers and this is used to generate profit while, in real life, Korean society ignores and oppresses teenagers by ignoring their reality and the important issues in their development such as sexuality, violence and exploitation against them.

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