Controversy Over Innuendo and Sexualization: New Jeans in the Spotlight. The debut of New Jeans has sparked intense controversy surrounding their «Lolita» concept, accusing them of innuendo and sexualization. Criticisms have particularly focused on the outfits worn during their performance of the song «Cookie,» with lyrics interpreted as sexual innuendos.

This aspect has triggered a strong reaction, especially among those who believe that the group, whose members are aged between 14 and 18, is targeting a teenage audience.

The controversy has extended both nationally and internationally, with Korean and international listeners expressing concern over the disturbing nature of songs aimed at a underage audience. It’s noteworthy that in Korea, most members of the group have not yet reached the legal age of 19.

In the YouTube comments section of the «Cookie» music video, many users voiced their concern about the choice of inappropriate lyrics for the age of the members. Despite the artists’ attire not being overly revealing, fans have expressed dissatisfaction with seeing underage singers dressed as schoolgirls and featuring suggestive lyrics.

Controversy Over Innuendo and Sexualization New Jeans

Renowned producer and creative director of New Jeans, Min Hee-jin, who previously led projects for Girl’s Generation, SHINee, EXO, F(x), and Red Velvet, issued a statement announcing legal actions against any defamatory comments directed at the group or its members.

This episode not only highlights the controversy surrounding New Jeans but also sheds light on broader challenges related to the representation and treatment of young artists in the K-pop industry.

In the history of K-pop, scandals related to the sexualization of minors have been a persistent issue, revealing the complexity and expectations surrounding this unique industry.

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