Dreamcatcher x Neogenlab: Fragrances and Body Care Looking for a world full of captivating scents and exceptional body care? The collaboration between Dreamcatcher and Neogenlab has brought to life a collection that captures the youthful, feminine essence in every product. From dreamy perfumes to indulgent hand creams, this collaboration is a true tribute to beauty and youth.

Dreamcatcher x Neogenlab: Body Care and Fragrances

Awaken your Senses with Perfumes: The scents of the Catch Yours collection are a symphony of captivating notes. From the mystical Siyeon Moonlight Musk, which evokes the magic of the moon, to the passionate Ji U Passion Neroli, each fragrance is a sensory journey in itself. Prefer something sweeter? Gahyeon Daydream Sweety will transport you to a world of dreams and sweetness. Discover your favorite scent and carry the essence of Dreamcatcher with you.

Take care of your Hands with a Touch of Fragrance: Hands deserve special pampering, and that’s why Neogenlab and Dreamcatcher have created hand creams that are a true delight. Ji U Passion Neroli with its floral scent and Dami Self Bergamot with its fresh notes are just the beginning. Each application is a fragrant and soothing experience that elevates your daily care.

Body Mists that Elevate Your Routine: The body care routine has never been so exciting. The body mists in the Catch Yours collection are an invitation to embrace freshness and radiance in every spritz. From the soothing charm of Su A Motion Suede to the elegance in Handong Love Rose, these mists add a finishing touch that will stay with you all day long.

Experience Dreamcatcher x Neogenlab: The Dreamcatcher x Neogenlab collaboration is a tribute to femininity and youth. Each product is a masterpiece that combines captivating fragrances with the exceptional care of Neogenlab. Immerse yourself in the unique charm of this collaboration and indulge in the magic of scents and body care that inspire and elevate your daily routine.

Body mist review

Dreamcatcher x Neogenlab Body Mist: Love Rose – Floral Elegance and Inspiring Care

Immerse yourself in the Dreamcatcher x Neogenlab Love Rose body mist experience: an elixir of floral elegance that captivates your senses and cares for your skin with the best of nature. This mist is not only a perfumed finishing touch, but also a gift for your skin, which will delight in its natural ingredients and moisturizing benefits.

A Fragrance that Inspires: Love Rose The scent of Love Rose is a tribute to romance, elegance and femininity. With floral notes that awaken the imagination and evoke emotions, this fragrance is the perfect complement to your days and nights. The rose essential oil, obtained 100% naturally, carries with it the very essence of this iconic flower, creating an olfactory experience that envelops you in a cloud of beauty and softness.

Main ingredients: Handong’s Choice Love Rose mist is distinguished by its carefully selected formula. Damask rose water, with 5% floral water, brings soothing and rejuvenating properties to the skin. The blend of 100% natural Moroccan rose essential oils guarantees a rich and long-lasting fragrance. Moisturizing ingredients, such as Cerapito complex, papaya fruit extract and aloe vera extract, work together to hydrate even the driest skin, leaving it soft and radiant.

Texture and Color: A Touch of Luxury The innovative formula of Love Rose mist consists of two layers: an oil layer and a moisturizing layer. When sprayed, these layers combine to provide instant moisture and a delicate glow. The layered, light pink color adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to every application.

Commitment to Health and Sustainability: Free of 20 Harmful Ingredients and Vegan Dreamcatcher x Neogenlab cares about your well-being. Love Rose mist is free of 20 harmful ingredients (excluding fragrances) and has a vegan prescription, ensuring that only the best ingredients touch your skin. In addition, the choice of natural and sustainable ingredients reflects a commitment to health and the environment.

Dreamcatcher x Neogenlab: Body Care and Fragrances

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