The Le Sserafim webtoon. The webtoon and novel that inspired the talented girls of Le Sserafim will soon be available on Naver Webtoon under the title «Crimson Heart,» scheduled for release at 10:00 pm on Thursday.

The gripping novel, set to launch on Friday at 10:30 pm, will be translated into 10 languages to reach a global audience. This captivating story chronicles the adventures, friendship, and growth of the group members as they leave the city and journey into unknown lands.

The theme of the story aligns with the distinctive musical concept of the group. Le Sserafim, an anagram of «I am not afraid,» symbolizes the group’s determination to venture into the world without fear of others’ opinions.

The Le Sserafim webtoon

This original story marks the agency’s fourth narrative project, showcasing its ability to create inspiring and engaging worlds. It’s worth noting that the agency has previously brought other groups to life through similar projects.

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