Suga collaborates with PSY. Suga, the talented member of BTS, has showcased his versatility by taking on the role of a producer in PSY’s recent release. The collaboration between these two K-POP icons has generated great anticipation and excitement among fans.

This comeback marks PSY’s triumphant return to the K-POP scene after five years since his last album. Tuesday will see the eagerly awaited premiere of the lead track from his upcoming album, carefully crafted by the skilled Suga from BTS.

If you’ve been following social media, you’ve likely noticed that PSY has been sharing exciting details about his ninth full-length album titled «PSY 9th».

This highly anticipated album is set to be released this Friday at 6 p.m., featuring twelve captivating songs. Among the noteworthy collaborations is the participation of the talented singer and actress Suzy, who appears in the music video for «Celeb.»

Suga collaborates with PSY

Undoubtedly, the song is already shaping up to be a global success, and the music video is a stunning production that adds an extra touch of grandeur to this thrilling collaboration.

The combination of PSY’s distinctive style and Suga from BTS’s production prowess promises to offer fans a unique and unforgettable musical experience.

This exciting release not only marks PSY’s return to the musical stage but also highlights Suga’s growing influence and production skills as a well-rounded artist.

Anticipation is at its peak, and fans are eager to dive into this new musical chapter that promises to be a milestone in the K-POP industry.

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