Seventeen «Dream» review. Seventeen releases «Dream.» The exciting new EP from the talented boy band, Seventeen, has arrived under the title «Dream,» featuring four captivating songs like «Rock With You,» «All My Love,» and «Darl+ing.»

This ninth EP is specially crafted for the Japanese audience, promising a unique and lasting auditory experience.

As part of this thrilling stage, Seventeen has planned a series of exciting concerts to be held in Osaka on November 19 and 20, Tokyo on November 26 and 27, and concluding in Nagoya on December 3 and 4. A show you wouldn’t want to miss.

Stray Kids releases the EP «Maxident.» On October 7, the fearless guys from Stray Kids will surprise us with their seventh album titled «Maxident.»

An intriguing teaser for this upcoming EP was released across all their social media platforms, showing the members exploring New York City, where they encounter an unknown creature.

Seventeen "Dream" review

Seventeen in Figures:

  • Number of Members: Known for being one of the largest K-pop groups, Seventeen has three subunits: «Hip-Hop Team,» «Vocal Team,» and «Performance Team.»
  • Involvement in Production: Creativity flows in Seventeen as members actively participate in composing, lyric writing, and producing their own songs.
  • Musical Hits: Their musical legacy includes successful albums and singles like «Pretty U,» «Don’t Wanna Cry,» «Home,» and «Left & Right,» spanning diverse genres from pop to hip-hop.
  • Creative Concepts: Innovation is key for Seventeen, presenting creative and varied concepts in their albums and music videos.
  • Achievements and Recognition: They have garnered numerous awards both nationally and internationally, solidifying their leadership in the K-pop industry.

Additionally, the band is currently immersed in their «Maniac» world tour, which has traversed countries in North America and Japan since April. Follow their exciting adventures and stay tuned for all updates on our social media.

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