Red Velvet lanza su nuevo EP “The ReVe Festival 2022”. Exciting news has graced the K-pop scene as Red Velvet, the sensational girl group, announced the release of their much-anticipated EP, «The ReVe Festival 2022,» slated to hit the airwaves in November.

This revelation was made through their various social media platforms, stirring anticipation among fans worldwide.

The upcoming EP features the track titled «Cumpleaños,» marking its second release following the success of the chart-topping hit «Feel My Rhythm.» The latter achieved remarkable success, soaring through music playlists not only in Korea but also garnering international acclaim.

«The ReVe Festival 2022» is set to be available for pre-orders starting this Monday, both in physical stores and online platforms.

Red Velvet, a group that made their debut in 2014, has maintained its original lineup of five members throughout their illustrious career. This steadfast continuity has contributed to their unique identity and unwavering popularity in the ever-evolving landscape of the K-pop industry.

Have you had the chance to experience the magic of Red Velvet’s music?

For those who have yet to dive into their enchanting sounds, «The ReVe Festival 2022» promises to be a captivating journey filled with musical wonders. The EP not only showcases the group’s artistic evolution but also their ability to deliver tunes that resonate globally.

Red Velvet lanza su nuevo EP “The ReVe Festival 2022”

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