the stunning New Jeans laptop. Introducing the Limited Edition New Jeans Laptop. Did you know that a limited edition New Jeans laptop has just been launched?

Indeed, the renowned group has collaborated with LG Electronics to bring fans a special edition laptop.

Unveiled on Wednesday, the New Jeans laptop, aptly named «Big Bunny,» pays homage to the group’s iconic mascot. This exclusive model is part of LG’s 2023 Gram series.

What makes this collaboration even more exciting is the incorporation of two unique designs featuring the group’s beloved Bunny mascot on the laptop covers.

The accessories accompanying this limited edition are a true testament to the band’s influence and artistic concepts. From laptop sleeves to cable straps, a mouse, and a mouse pad, each item reflects the thematic inspiration drawn from the band’s imagery.

The box itself will embrace the Bunny theme, creating a comprehensive New Jeans experience. Additionally, users will find exclusive stickers, posters, wallpapers, and themed icons integrated into the laptop’s programs.

LG is planning a special event where fans can get up close and personal with New Jeans. While the event date is yet to be announced, it’s anticipated to be an intimate gathering with a total of 30 attendees, including fortunate individuals who have purchased the limited edition laptop.

The ingenuity of this collaboration, from the extraordinary designs to the thoughtful thematic accessories, showcases the incredible creativity and uniqueness that New Jeans brings to the table.

As a fan, the prospect of owning a piece of this exclusive collection is truly captivating.

the stunning New Jeans laptop

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