The Anticipated Spring Season in Korea 2023. In Korea, the flowers of the spring season are already gearing up to dazzle with their splendor. Heatwaves have kicked in since February, signaling the onset of the beautiful cherry blossoms blooming all over the city.

Cherry blossoms, considered favorites in Korea, begin to sprout between one to seven days before the usual season, depending on the region. They are expected to reach full bloom on March 29th in the southern regions of the country.

In Seoul, we anticipate the cherry blossoms to fill the streets with their beautiful, vibrant hues. Warmer weather accelerates their blooming, but when the heat becomes too intense, the flowers blossom earlier than usual.

As is tradition, Korea will celebrate the Cherry Blossom Festival, one of the most popular events in the capital. This festival attracts over 5 million visitors each year, and the government is taking necessary measures to ensure everyone’s safety.

However, cherry blossoms are not the only ones displaying their beauty during this time. In Korea, Forsythias are in full bloom, adding even more color and charm to the season.

Have you ever imagined how Korea celebrates the arrival of spring? With these beautiful flowers, the country is filled with romance, creating a charming atmosphere.

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