Hate towards BTS? The successful K-pop singers, who have achieved fame globally, are currently facing a common adversary: time. Many of them commence their careers in adolescence, and although their hard work is often rewarded, this success is overshadowed by their responsibilities, especially their commitment to love for their country.

For K-pop followers, it’s no secret that musical groups accrue debts from the outset with the agencies they work for. The preparation for success, personal expenses, and the education received while preparing to excel in the industry are well-known, and they must face all these costs.

Additionally, national obligations, such as military service, loom over them and cannot be avoided.

K-pop groups, actors, and other men in the entertainment industry are affected by this mandatory military service when they come of age. According to the law in South Korea, all men between 18 and 28 years old must fulfill this service, which can last between 18 and 21 months.

Despite attempts to delay this duty as much as possible, the date always arrives, without further delay. Recently, many actors and singers have had to be absent to fulfill this duty, also facing emotional consequences.

Let’s take the case of Jin, a member of the famous BTS group, who has become the target of attacks in his own country. For many citizens, fulfilling military service is more important than the considerations of the singers.

Although Jin has had notable successes, such as his collaboration with Coldplay and his recent performance in Argentina, the singer has had to postpone his military service several times due to his tight schedule.

Hate towards BTS?

As the date approaches, Jin strives to maintain the affection of his fans and make it clear that he will not disappear but will return with more effort. However, his compatriots do not view so many delays and complaints from the singers favorably.

In one of his live sessions, Jin shared with his fans that he is not excited about military service, as he will celebrate his birthday there, which saddens him.

These words were enough for him to be met with insults in his own country due to his sincerity.

On the other hand, Jungkook announced his participation in the opening ceremony of the Qatar World Cup, generating controversy, as many artists have rejected the offer due to the prohibitions and discrimination in the country where the event will take place.

Although for Jungkook, participating in this event represents an achievement in his career and greater visibility, some fans and detractors have called for his cancellation, claiming that he supports discrimination.

Despite the consequences they face to fulfill military service, many members of BTS have done their best to spend as much time as possible with their fans.

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