The Rise of the Metaverse in the K-pop Industry: «Girl’s Re:verse» The entertainment industry in Korea is taking a fascinating turn by incorporating the metaverse as a platform for innovative entertainment programs. A notable example is the k-pop idol audition program in the metaverse called «Girl’s Re:verse.»

This groundbreaking audition program for virtual groups features 30 existing girls, known as «Chica X,» competing in the virtual world called «W.» In this environment, they participate in various missions under hidden 3D character aliases.

Although the concept may seem quite peculiar, it has captured the attention of many viewers, with episodes that have been viewed over a million times on the YouTube platform. The program will be available on both the channel and the agency’s application.

With 11 episodes aired since January 2, the program now features 10 contestants vying for the top spot, including participants such as Muneo, Jipsunhui, Seoritae, Ruby, Rien, Sera, Rose, Keuang, Kimserena, and Zzaru.

The announcement of the program’s finalists will be made next Monday. In a world full of talented idols seeking opportunities to showcase their passion and interest in the industry, this program represents a unique alternative.

However, the idea has also sparked some controversy, as some believe that such programs trivialize the pursuit of fame on a personal and physical level, turning it into a game.

Participants enter and exit the shooting, guided through different moments covering their faces and identities, which remain secret.

The Rise of the Metaverse in the K-pop Industry

The impact of the metaverse on K-pop is undeniable, and «Girl’s Re:verse» serves as an intriguing example of how the industry adapts and experiments with new forms of entertainment. Share your thoughts on this emerging trend and the program in our comment section. Your perspective is crucial to our community.

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