BTS takes legal action against counterfeiting. BTS is taking decisive legal actions to combat the proliferation of counterfeit merchandise, as announced by the Korean Intellectual Property Office. This move aims to protect the integrity of their brand and ensure that products related to the band are authentic and of high quality.

As part of their efforts, the iconic band will be holding a free concert in Busan this upcoming Saturday, not only as a gift to their fans but also as an initiative to promote the city at the 2030 World Expo.

In addition to the show, BTS will set up booths near the concert venue to actively promote respect for intellectual property and raise awareness about the dangers of counterfeit merchandise.

This action not only addresses national challenges but also tackles the issue on a global scale. The proliferation of counterfeit BTS-related products has become a widespread phenomenon, impacting not only their home country but also a significant part of the world.

BTS takes legal action against counterfeiting

This phenomenon is largely attributed to the immense fame and success of the group, which has generated an overwhelming demand for related products.

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