A Review of the Captivating K-Drama ‘True Beauty. I want to share my experience with «True Beauty» (Hangul: 여신강림; RR: Yeosin-gangrim, lit. Goddess Advent), a captivating South Korean drama series that aired from December 9, 2020, to February 4, 2021, through the network.

Recently, I dove back into this wonderful story that captivated me from the moment I first discovered it as a webtoon. Seeing the protagonists come to life on screen was a special experience; the actors embody their roles exceptionally, and their beauty is simply dazzling.

At the heart of the plot is Lim Joo-kyung, masterfully portrayed by a talented actress whose name is undoubtedly worthy of praise. Joo-kyung finds herself in an internal and external struggle due to societal pressures and her own insecurities.

Suffering bullying for her appearance, though she shouldn’t realistically be considered ugly, highlights the unrealistic beauty standards that exist in our society, especially in a cultural context different from mine.

Joo-kyung’s physical transformation, from her «no-makeup» appearance to her stunning makeup change, is impressive, and I can’t imagine how challenging it must have been for the actress to go through that process in each episode.

I especially liked how both Lee Soo-ho and Han Seo-jun, the two heartthrobs of the series, accepted and valued her for who she was, both with and without makeup.

The duality between these two characters, especially Lee Soo-ho’s «bad boy with a good heart» attitude, added a layer of intrigue and romance that kept me gripped.

Lee Soo-ho, portrayed by an actor whose ability to captivate the audience is undeniable, reminded me of his previous role in Amazon Prime’s «Island» series, where his performance had already impressed me.

A Review of the Captivating K-Drama 'True Beauty

Seeing him here evoked nostalgia for those high school days where the bad boy always seems to be everyone’s favorite. However, I can’t overlook the charm and talent of Hwang In-yeop, whose character, Han Seo-jun, brings a fresh energy and a touch of fun to the series.

His underwear dance became a viral phenomenon, and the way Joo-kyung teasingly mocked his leopard-print boxers was simply adorable.

Every episode of «True Beauty» drew me in even more, to the point where I couldn’t stop watching one after another.

K-dramas have the unique ability to take us through a whirlwind of uncontrollable emotions: from palpable tension to emotional conflicts, lies, and deceit that keep the viewer on edge. Without a doubt, «True Beauty» has earned a special place in my heart and on my list of favorite K-dramas.

The series, available on Netflix, creates a captivating romantic atmosphere, backed by excellent cinematography and funny moments that feel genuine and unforced.

Themes of personal acceptance and true inner beauty are developed touchingl A Review of the Captivating K-Drama ‘True Beauty

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