«Exhume» A Bewitching Experience.The occult movie «Exhume» is causing a sensation and is poised to be a runaway success. It is expected to be the first film to reach the 10 million viewer mark this year.

The plot follows young shamans Hwa-rim (portrayed by Kim Go-eun) and Bong-gil (played by Lee Do-hyun), who collaborate with a feng shui expert and a mortician to unravel mysterious events surrounding a wealthy American family. The story unfolds as they exhume the tomb of their ancestor in a remote Korean village.

Since its release on February 22nd, the film has captured the attention of fans on social media, who express their fascination with it.

They have shared a plethora of illustrations of the main characters and meticulously search for hidden details in the plot. Even the film distributor has used a fan artwork to create a special poster as a token of appreciation.

The performances of Kim and Lee have been particularly praised by viewers, who appreciate the break from stereotypes of Korean shamans.

Exhume: A Bewitching Experience"

Instead of traditional attire, these young shamans sport modern fashion, creating a striking visual impact on the audience.

Viewers have also highlighted the dedication and detail in the actors’ performances. One fan, in particular, praised the ability to recite the script in Sanskrit or Chinese, demonstrating the actors’ hard work and dedication to their portrayal. Exhume: A Bewitching Experience»

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